Superb pool tables, billiard tables and snooker tables built in Australia using selected Australian materials and premium Italian slate. We have used and adapted European designs with detailed polished furniture quality legs, solid one piece frame construction and timber rails.

Many of our range allow you to choose cloth colour.

Our range includes Pool Tables Adelaide loves. Space conscious Billiard tables that convert into dining tables. Of course we have Pool tables for sale in a range of standard sizes: 7 foot, 8 foot 9 foot and 10 foot. (Sizes dependent on choice of Billiard table style).

Our range of billiard tables brands are Bristol, Cambridge, Empire, Oxford and Clubsport.

Our selection of Pool table styles enable you to choose from one of our standard and popular models or you may customise an individual pool table with variations in style and number of Billiard Table legs, quality and colour of the cloth, choice of the timber rails and cushions. Our imported Italian slate beds are standard in our tables.

Suggested Room Dimensions For Your Pool Table

Size Minimum Room Size Suggested Room Size
6’ 4.3m x 3.4m (14’x 11′) 4.9m x 4m (16’x 13′)
7’ 4.6m x 3.5m (15’x 11’6″) 5.2m x 4.1m (17’x 13’6″)
8’ 4.9m x 3.7m (16’x 12′) 5.5m x 4.3m (18’x 14′)
9’ 5.2m x 3.8m (17’x 12’6″) 5.8m x 4.4m (19’x 14’6″)
10’ 5.8m x 4.3m (19’x 14″) 6.1m x 4.6m (20’x 15′)
12’ 6.7m x 4.9m (22’x 16″) 7.3m x 5.5m (24’x 18′)

Bristol Billiard Table

Bristol Pool tables Adelaide recognises as great value, excellent quality and a range of unbeatable features – they are our most popular Billiard tables. The model has traditional character, high grade furniture timber, hardwood rails and brass or chrome fittings.
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Cambridge Table

The versatile Cambridge billiard table is a combination dining table cum pool table ideal if you have limited space and are working within a budget. Pool table prices in Adelaide will not beat this table which comes with a quality slate bed from Italy. Choose your cloth colour.
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Clubsport Pool Table

The Clubsport model is a beautiful, 7-foot chunky solid timber frame pool table utilising rubber cushions and very solid bolted leg rails. Micro level adjustment is standard. Huge range of desirable features for Pool Tables Adelaide and South Australia
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Empire Billiard Table

Luxury oozes from the Empire table, precision engineered Italian slate bed luxury, tooled timber legs luxury, hardwood rails and premium cushions luxury, leather pockets luxury – it’s an Empire pool table.
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Oxford Pool Table

A beautiful ball return pool table designed for fun and ease of use. Single piece slate precision engineered in Italy. Available as a basic model and as an 8 foot model.
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